Embrace the precariousness of the streets by donning truly collectable street art sweatshirts

2020 doesn’t look ready to give up its characteristic level of tumult anytime soon – so are you prepared to face it head-on? This is the question that more and more of us should be asking ourselves at this time of sustained uncertainty and unpredictability, in our cities and throughout our communities.

And if there’s one fashion brand with the fleet-footed agility to adapt to the times, it is surely CITY STATES. Established in London in 2018, CITY STATES’ mission is to provide a centralised platform for much of the best of the urban subculture – in the process, giving a voice to some of the most challenging and subversive creatives of the day. 

It is a philosophy that is certainly borne out through collections like that devised most recently by CITY STATES and Nychos. The latter is an internationally renowned graffiti artist who recognises as surely as anyone, that what worked well yesterday will not necessarily serve the needs of today, let alone the demands of tomorrow.

Life, death and relentless change

In short, none of us can any longer count on our circumstances and surroundings remaining as they always were – if we ever could. Instead, we must be prepared – physically and socially – for constant change that may feel scarcely any less violent and unpredictable than Nychos’ own colourful creations that owe so much to notions of dissection and destruction.

To make room for the new, we must so often lose the old, however much we may mourn such transitions. For those of us ready to embrace the aesthetic, however, the rewards can be considerable and far-sprawling.

CITY STATES and Nychos’ latest street art sweatshirts are the perfect embodiment of such an uncertain and often experimental newness. Yet, they are as well-suited to being collected for posterity, as they are to the rough and tumble of the new urban life of the 2020s.

To fully absorb the benefits of the new, we must learn to document and learn from the past. Purchase your favourites from the up-to-the-minute CITY STATES and Nychos collection of street art sweatshirts, encompassing sought-after designs like Four Skeletons and Ghosted Girl, and you will be acquiring attire of relevance to a present that will eventually become our history.

Iconic fashions now available for less

There’s one last detail that we ought to impart about the collectable street art sweatshirts that combine CITY STATES’ high standards of clothing engineering with the instantly recognisable motifs of Nychos: their temporarily lower prices.  Yes, these street-ready styles are now available on a discount for those looking to re-jig their urban ensembles for the rapidly changing cultural, and literal, landscape. Place your order today, and you’ll be going further than simply filling out your wardrobe, instead setting out a statement about how you expect to take on the tests of the new tomorrow.