Taurean Roye

Co-founder of Last Night in Paris, London based rapper, songwriter and art-director Taurean Roye caught up with us this week. We were able to find out what influences him and the collective to date, also get a little insight into what's coming up in the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about what ‘Last Night in Paris’ does, how it came about, and what your role is within the collective?

Last Night In Paris is an art and music collective composed of rappers, singer-songwriters, producers, directors & fine artists. Most of the members are from London but there are a few living or working internationally. The collective kind of just formed naturally as like minded friends and from there it grew. I’m the co-founder of the collective and I rap, songwrite & art direct.

“Long hot showers are ESSENTIAL for good ideas”

What’s up next for yourself and the group?

We are about to release a collection of songs we’ve had stashed away in our vault over the past couple years as an ‘Archive Tape’. Just a mix of some of our favourite different unreleased sounds. After, individual solo EPs from musicians will drop periodically until the next group project. We’re also working on the next of our short films / a series that fleshes out the worlds we created in our ‘Pure’ and ‘Equal’ shorts.

What can you say about how useful it is working in a group as opposed to solo?

I think it’s important to maintain a flexible balance between group work and solo work. Working in a group allows you to gather from the energies around you, potentially unlocking different ideas that you wouldn’t have stumbled on by yourself. Also honest critique and suggestions can help refine your craft. Solo work can help develop more introspection and a higher understanding of yourself.

What usually inspires you with your work? Where do usually you have your stand-out creative thoughts?

I think just living and enjoying life inspires me most. Experiences and memories that often inform ideas or themes for work. Long hot showers are ESSENTIAL for good ideas. Also when you’re drunk in the cab home with your friends after a good night & everyone’s chatting and the music’s loud as hell and you’re just smiling out the open window. Letting the wind slap some soberness into you. That’s where get the best ideas.

How has everything for you been affected by lockdown?

It’s been boring but it’s given everyone time to be with their families or just to catch a break from the rat race and gather themselves. I’ve kind of enjoyed it to be honest, bar not seeing my friends for so long or going out.

“Letting the wind slap some soberness into you”

How was it working with Adidas and Footlocker on a campaign with such a socially positive message?

It’s actually been such a joy to work on this campaign, we’ve loved every part of it. From talking to the community in Brixton beforehand to hear their stories, to the transformation of the basketball court we worked on. Seeing the local reaction to the changes has been super rewarding and we hope it will remain a positive contribution to the community for years to come.

Who are some of your favourite up-and-coming or established designers, fashion writers, photographers, in the scene etc.?

Really rate everything from Mowalola at the moment, every aspect of it.

What advice would you give to young emerging creatives in London now?

Do whatever you want. Enjoy every day of it.